Energy Conservation Kit for Realtors launched

News Jun 23, 2008

The National Association of Green Agents and Brokers (NAGAB) has produced the Energy Conservation Kit for Realtors to implement electricity efficiency and conservation measures by the use of energy-saving items.
“The Realtor Energy Conservation kit will assist over 50,000 Realtors in Ontario by providing them with the knowledge and tools to help their client home buyers and sellers reduce their home energy use,” says NAGAB Executive Director Elden Freeman.
The kit will contain a whole-home checklist that will allow Realtors
• To observe key areas of the home that impact energy efficiency;
• Information about the different elements of the home;
• Tips about improving the energy efficiency;
• Information about retrofits and renovations pertaining to that area of the home.
There will also be information about grant programs that have been established to provide the homeowners with funds in order to make these changes. It is free for Realtors and their client home buyers and sellers, and accessible via a downloadable document on the NAGAB website,
Upgrading with energy-saving features can increase a home’s value by up to five per cent, says NAGAB. If marketed properly, homeowners could use energy improvements as another selling feature. For buyers, utility costs and upkeep costs will be much lower with the decision to go green, says NAGAB.