August 2010

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Green Real Estate News

From September 22nd to 25th, the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto will play host to the "Green Building Festival", Canada's largest technical conference that focuses on the "design, construction and operation of the sustainable building environment". The conference aims to deliver information and solutions in the area of green building that participants are able to apply immediately to their practice. The conference is hosted by Sustainable Buildings Canada, and additional information regarding programming and attendance can be found here Check out the associations most recent column on Greenrealestate(r) at

Government News

As you are aware, the British Columbia and Ontario provincial governments began to implement the harmonized sales tax, or HST, on July 1st of this year. This tax replaces the previous provincial sales tax, and creates one tax charged on most products and services. In British Columbia prior to the HST, homebuilders and contractors saved the PST on goods considered 'green', such as pre-manufactured windows, doors and skylights. This exemption was extended to energy-efficient appliances like washers and dryers, fridges and freezers, among others. These exemptions were to remain in place until March 2011, but with the introduction of the 12% HST, these exemptions are now in question without any direction yet provided. For more information on what the provincial government is going to do about these important exemptions, contact your M.P. If you do not know who your M.P. is, you can look for them at The Ontario Government began to implement an 'eco fee' on July 1st of this year that was applied to products where specialized disposal is required (i.e. cleaners, motor oil, etc.). This tax was developed in partnership with Stewardship Ontario, an industry-led, not-for-profit agency that is responsible for administering recycling programs. It is estimated that $25 million is spent every year to keep these products out of sewers and landfills - this fee was to offset those costs. However, due to confusing rates and application standards, the fee has been scrapped for these next 90 days, providing the government with time to develop a new fee structure for these costs. Although the original iteration of the eco fee is gone, expect to see another program in its place in the coming months.

New Products

You've no doubt heard "There's an app for that" - the ubiquitous advertising campaign from Apple regarding the availability for add-ons for their iPhone and iPod Touch products. You may not be aware of the number of 'green' apps that are available for a small fee through the Apple app store ( These apps include: * Green Card - an app that allows you to share digital business cards with other like-minded iPhone users * This is Green - an app that allows you to walk around your house and learn what you can do to make it more 'green' * Green Meter - provides information on how you can change your driving habits to improve the fuel efficiency of your car * Green Lemur - provides green tips Blackberry users aren't left out in the cold - similar apps are available (including the Green Living Guide, Green Calculator, and Earth Saver, to name a few) through the Blackberry app store, which can be found here.

Association News

Calling all Accredited Greenagents. If you are interested in being highlighted as our Greenagent(r) for the month of August please contact us ASAP. First come first served! E mail
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* The tenets of energy efficient design, retrofit and operations in commercial, institutional and multi- unit residential buildings
* How to recognize green building attributes
* Green building terminology

Knowledge gained from this course will enable you to be a conduit of change for sustainability issues in your real estate practice, and will position you as a source of valuable information for your clients and colleagues.
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